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Filter the "noise" and experience #SocialMedia on YOUR terms.

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With 500 million tweets per day, Twitter is a vast ocean of both invaluable and useless information. The "noise" can be overwhelming and a giant waste of your time.


Topicurious allows you to filter out the noise and find the information (and people) you want, when you want it.

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Who is Topicurious designed for?

What can you do with Topicurious?

How does it work?

Step 7: Engage and build your following

All Twitter Users (Novices or Experts)

Filter the Twitter firehose with advanced search and filter functions that help you find highly relevant content and people pertaining to your topics of interest.

By focusing on the relevant hashtag streams of most interest to you, you'll discover incredible news, content, and people that you would otherwise never see.

Find the Best Hashtags (by Topic)

Step 3: Hashtag surf

Discover and Share  Compelling Content

"Sort" the tweet stream by Follower Count rather than by the default "chronological" order. This allows you to quickly find the people with the most followers who are discussing your topic of interest.


(Note: although follower count is certainly not the only measure of a person's "influence", it is one way to more quickly find the influencers in your industry.

Step 1: Search by keywords

All Twitter Users

When you find people and tweets you'd like to interact with, you can simply and quickly Reply, Retweet, Quote Tweet, Favorite, or Email Tweet directly from within Topicurious.

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Step 5: Find Influencers

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Step 2: Find all the relevant trending hashtags

For any given topic there are usually dozens or even hundreds of relevant hashtags. Use Topicurious to find them all and determine which hashtags are best for your needs.


Hashtag Tips:

  • Tweets containing 1-2 relevant hashtags see a 2X engagement rate compared to those without hashtags.
  • Tweets with 3 or more hashtags see a decrease in engagement rates.
  • Use some of the very popular "general" hashtags that have many eyeballs on them (e.g. #socialmedia), as well as some of less popular but highly relevant "niche" hashtags (e.g. #smm).
  • Try to add the hashtags to the end of the tweet so as to maintain readability.

Social Media Marketers

Make Valuable

New Connections

Find and Connect with Influencers

Social Media Marketers, Community Managers
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Step 6: Connect with people of interest

Quickly analyze the people you find and the topics they typically discuss on Twitter. Follow them and add them to one or more of your Twitter Lists.

Step 4: Find Compelling Content

Quiet the noise even further with advanced filtering tools, such as: "Filter by Keywords", "Contains Link" and "Hide Retweets". These filters accelerate the process of finding the information and content you're interested in.

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Accelerate Follower Growth

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